DIE, the trade

SO here we are, june, right, almost alfway through the year, and let me tell you : It is a tiring year.

I am still trying to find my sea feet doing the monthly thing on my creator owned. Not lying there, it’s forking difficult, and exhausting, physicaly and mentally.

But you know what, it’s a success. We have received so much love from the readers, again and again. Which is so precious to me because every kind word keeps me going, really.

It is also so heartwarming to still be able to do a thing only out of passion and be able to transform it into what Die has become right now.

Will it last ? I hope so, We are certainly not sparing ourselves in the creative process.

I am sorry I haven’t been able to update more but I will try to go back to at least monthly updates.

Meanwhile !

Here are the latest news, we are done with the first arc of DIE. The arc : Fantasy Heartbreaker has been collected in the trade, to be published this week . I hope you will love it , it makes a great present too :p

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