DIE 2 preview

As the release of DIE gets closer, I went through a lot of diferent emotions. From excitement to anxiety, including a fight or flight situation.

Today, I am cool, although a bit overworked, which is totally my fault.

I spent so much time those last 9 years learning how to do a specific job correctly that the change was a lot of new learning steps.

There is also a lot of happiness in that process.

There is the joy of working with a team I trust , and the pride of being able to create things thanks to everything I learnt those past years.

You know, I actually started as a writer as much as an artist, and I decided to specialise in art to focus, because, honestly,  I was good at neither but craving to achieve at least one.

I wanted to learn as much as possible before coming back to creation, before being able to show my work and be proud of it.

I love the covers I am creating for DIE, They are a product of love and patience.





Also, one of the things that came with becoming a creator was being able to hire artists I love and respect and it is my pleasure, and pride to introduce you to the work of the great Jana Schirmer, who seriously deserves more attention from the public. Her art is stellar

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