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The Wicked And The Divine 1831 special

Between the thing I did last year, one of my favorite was to work, once again with my friend Kieron Gillen,  who’s also one of the best writer I know.

This is a special standalone issue of his now cult serie « the wicked and the divine ». I painted it mostly whil I was in Seoul, in the incredible heat of a korean summer.

It’s been a real challenge but  certainly one of my best work so far.


here are a few pages



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Marie Jane / Iron Fist variant cover

It is Mary Jane month at Marvel’s.

I designed this cool outfit for an Iron fist version of Spiderman’s sweetheart.

It was really one of the most enjoyable cover I did since I started to travel.

I actually love doing designs and I wish I could do more.

This one was inspired by the japanese souvenir Jackets which gave me the occasion to see they became super popular lately. I kept the most important parts of the Iron Fist late designs and add it up to the sense of fasion associated to Mary Jane.




Il est donc temps de faire une scéance de rattrapage sur ce que j’ai fait l’an dernier. Je n’ai pas beaucoup communiqué sur mon travail. Si vous avez lu mon compte rendu de l’an dernier, vous savez pourquoi, si non, allez le lire, j’ai passé un foutu temps à l’écrire 🙂 Bref, l’an dernier, j’ai…

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