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Star wars cover, unused, and what I will do with it

I have been commissionned to create a cover for the star wars universe but unfortunately, I was so overloaded with work that I misread the approval mail and finished the wrong sketch. It happens you know. And didn’t help my tiredness at all but hey, it’s life and I guess I’ll have a nice new…

The Wicked And The Divine 1831 special

Between the thing I did last year, one of my favorite was to work, once again with my friend Kieron Gillen,  who’s also one of the best writer I know.

This is a special standalone issue of his now cult serie “the wicked and the divine”. I painted it mostly whil I was in Seoul, in the incredible heat of a korean summer.

It’s been a real challenge but  certainly one of my best work so far.


here are a few pages



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