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Phoenix : Resurrection #3

Hurray people! my website has finally been fixed, thanks to hostpapa’s customers service . These guys rock !

So, it isn’t anything new by now but I did a variant for the mini serie Phoenix :Resurrection.

Apparently people like it, and so did I

I am always very proud when  one of my traditionnal covers get so much attention.

there it is with the different steps of the creations.

As you can see, I altered Scott’s face slightly cause I thought it was a bit off once I saw it on my screen.




It is not every day I have 5 covers on the market for the same editor at the same time.

Long story short, Fried Pie commissionned me through Marvel to create a set of 5 covers for the GENERATIONS event, featuring original heroes and their newer versions.

I took the occasion to explore a more “art nouveau” approach and I also thought it would be a great idea to present them a bit like playing cards, to make them pop out and give them a strong identity.

Needless to say, I totally indulged in Jungendstihl, which I usually don’t dare to cause it would be a bit like an easy / gratuitious solution but for this event, it totally made sense because it is a set.

no small talk anymore, here they are


Marie Jane / Iron Fist variant cover

It is Mary Jane month at Marvel’s.

I designed this cool outfit for an Iron fist version of Spiderman’s sweetheart.

It was really one of the most enjoyable cover I did since I started to travel.

I actually love doing designs and I wish I could do more.

This one was inspired by the japanese souvenir Jackets which gave me the occasion to see they became super popular lately. I kept the most important parts of the Iron Fist late designs and add it up to the sense of fasion associated to Mary Jane.



Colleen Wing Defenders variant.

Apres plusieurs mois sur la route , j’ai enfin trouvé un rythme de travail qui me convient. Je me suis habituée à travailler sur mon cintiq companion entièrement et je ne suis plus embarassée de travailler dans les cafés ( merci starbucks ) Je suis actuellement à Kyoto pour encore quelques jours. J’y ai retrouvé…

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