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Phoenix : Resurrection #3

Hurray people! my website has finally been fixed, thanks to hostpapa’s customers service . These guys rock !

So, it isn’t anything new by now but I did a variant for the mini serie Phoenix :Resurrection.

Apparently people like it, and so did I

I am always very proud when  one of my traditionnal covers get so much attention.

there it is with the different steps of the creations.

As you can see, I altered Scott’s face slightly cause I thought it was a bit off once I saw it on my screen.




It is not every day I have 5 covers on the market for the same editor at the same time.

Long story short, Fried Pie commissionned me through Marvel to create a set of 5 covers for the GENERATIONS event, featuring original heroes and their newer versions.

I took the occasion to explore a more “art nouveau” approach and I also thought it would be a great idea to present them a bit like playing cards, to make them pop out and give them a strong identity.

Needless to say, I totally indulged in Jungendstihl, which I usually don’t dare to cause it would be a bit like an easy / gratuitious solution but for this event, it totally made sense because it is a set.

no small talk anymore, here they are


Star wars cover, unused, and what I will do with it

I have been commissionned to create a cover for the star wars universe but unfortunately, I was so overloaded with work that I misread the approval mail and finished the wrong sketch. It happens you know. And didn’t help my tiredness at all but hey, it’s life and I guess I’ll have a nice new…

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